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NP208 electronic VSS conversion kit (R2)

NP208 electronic VSS conversion kit (R2)

Electronic vehicle speed sensor conversion kit for mechanical speedo drive, NP08 transfer cases.  Removes the mechanical speedometer driver hardware and replaces it with an electronic vehicle speed sensor.


Our conversion kit is a 100% bolt on installation that does not require any irreversible transfer case modifications.  We believe our kit offers an OEM level of durability and reliability for providing an electronic vehicle speed signal all at a price equal or lower than add-on vehicle speed signal adapter options currently available on the market.          


Our kit works well with aftermarket transmission controllers and the Holley Terminator system.  A pigtail is supplied to adapt the supplied speed sensor to aftermarket wiring harnesses.  


Kit includes:

  • Adapter plug – molded in fiberglass infused nylon (same material used in many modern engine applications such engine intakes)
  • Silicone O-ring
  • Stainless steel retainer plate
  • Vehicle speed sensor
  • Reluctor Wheel (generates 4000 pulse/mile signal expected by GM ECMs, aftermarket trans. controllers and Holley Terminator systems)
  • VSS pigtail (12")



  • Background

    The Passenger side drop, New Process 208 and 241 transfer cases were a common transfer case used through the 80’s and early 90’s in full size Chevrolet/GMC applications.  The 208 was offered exclusively with a mechanical speedometer drive and the 241 was also equipped with this until the ’90 model year when it was switched to offer an electronic vehicle speed sensor.  While an NP205 transfer case is a popular case for extreme off roading, the 208 and 241 are very durable, low cost, and will perform well in light to medium duty four-wheel drive applications.  One drawback of them though is that for pairing with modern engine applications, often an electronic vehicle speed signal is required.  While the electronic vehicle speed signal 241s are an option, they are somewhat difficult to source due to their 2 year production run.  This in mind, the solution we’ve developed is this kit which converts a mechanical speedometer drive case to offer an electronic vehicle speed sensor output. 

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